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Your wedding day is the most memorable and special part of life. It takes months and years to create, but in a blink, it gets over. And once over, everyone always wishes to relive every memory and moment. Well, you can revisit with the help of a wedding memory box. 

Wedding Keepsake Box to Preserve Your Love Forever

Right from the day you first met to the day you exchanged the rings, the journey holds many special memories. In the form of belongings, pictures, romantic gifts, keepsakes that remind you of each other and many other items that bespoke your love. Some memories are even created on the wedding day. Like the newlywed's name signage, personalised chopping board, etc. 

You can preserve your love forever by storing all these treasures in a large wedding keepsake box. A wedding keepsake boxis specially designed to safeguard your wedding memories. And when you wish to reminisce the moments on your anniversary or on another special day, you will have to simply open this magical box. If wondering what can be stored in a wedding memory box, here is the list:

What to Put in Your Wedding Keepsake Box?

The Wedding Ring and Ring Box

An engagement ring is always close to the heart, and nobody can afford to lose it. You can place it in our cute little wooden keepsake box specially designed for the ring.It is so handy and small that it won't take much of the space in your large wedding keepsake box.

Wedding Assortments

Be it your wedding veil, your wedding accessories, or anything from your bridal ensemble is enough to give a flashback of your whole wedding attire.

Love Letters & Handmade Cards

Love letters and handmade cards are timeless romantic gestures. So what could be better for storing that romance than a keepsake box?


You must have captured many candid moments and taken pictures of everything at the wedding. Imagine looking at those pictures ten years later? You will instantly go down memory lane. Start recollecting the story behind it, enjoy the memories you made, the emotions you felt, and so much more. 

Other Wedding Memories

Your wedding invitation, wedding brochure, wedding playlist CD, special cards & gifts from the guests, a bottle of wine, wedding bouquet petals are some heartwarming items that can be easily stored in the memory box. 

Beautiful Wedding Keepsake Boxes at JiMi Keepsakes

Just like the wedding treasures stored inside, even the memory box is special. At JiMi Keepsakes, we have an amazing collection of wooden keepsake boxes. Each box is handcrafted with love. To make it even more memorable, you can add your personal touch to it. 

Daniel Lindberg
Daniel Lindberg

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